Telephone Box


Our cutting-edge solution offers seamless and high-quality voice communication within our network, designed as a value-added service for both our existing customers and non-subscribers who seek efficient communication solutions within their facilities.

– Enhanced Communication: Seamlessly connect users within the network, promoting efficiency and collaboration in educational, medical, industrial, and hospitality settings.

– Cost-Efficient Solution:Experience the benefits of a superior communication system without the exorbitant costs associated with traditional phone services.

– Increased Productivity: Enable faster and more effective communication, resulting in heightened productivity and streamlined operations within facilities.

– Improved Customer Experience: For hotels and hospitality sectors, provide guests with a reliable and high-quality communication system, enhancing their overall experience.

Why Choose FiberOne Broadband Phone Box VOIP Line?

FiberOne is committed to providing innovative solutions that redefine communication standards. Our Phone Box VOIP Line represents the latest in technological advancement, offering a reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality communication solution tailored for both our subscribers and non-subscribers.

For a connected, efficient, and future-ready communication experience, choose FiberOne Broadband Phone Box VOIP Line and transform the way you connect.


Key Features:
1. Versatile Connectivity: The FiberOne Phone Box is a versatile communication tool that works flawlessly within our network infrastructure. It allows effortless communication between users, ensuring a connected experience for schools, Estates hospitals, factories, and hotels.

2. Network Extension: Non-subscribers can also benefit from the FiberOne pHONE bOX by installing it within their facilities. This feature enables them to leverage our top-tier communication technology, connecting seamlessly within their internal network or externally for business or personal use.

3. High-Quality Voice Transmission: Enjoy crystal-clear voice communication with high-definition sound. The VOIP Line ensures clarity and reliability, eliminating the common issues of traditional phone lines.

4. Scalability and Flexibility: Our Phone Box is easily scalable, adapting to the unique needs of various environments. Whether in a small school or a large hospital, it’s designed to meet diverse requirements.

5. Easy Integration: Simple and hassle-free installation, with user-friendly features that facilitate quick integration into existing networks.

6. Secure Communication: Your conversations are protected with top-notch encryption and security features, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your communications.


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