What is  Community Fibre Service?

This service is targeted at individuals living in estates, Multi dwelling units (apartments), closed gates communities in need of superfast broadband with speed up to 50Mbps through end to end Optics Fiber Cable (OFC) deployment

We help local communities by delivering customised fibre solution in  bringing fibre broadband to homes and businesses.

If you also have a provider and you need a more reliable broadband solution , this service is meant for you

Step 1. Use the fibre coverage checker to see if your area is available under this program 

Click this link to see  our Coverage Area  where you can get fibre service , or if we’re planning to bring it to your area soon. If your location is not covered, that means that we are not extending the community Fiber Service to your area yet .

If you currently have a fiber provider in your area but you are not satisfied with the service , you can also apply for our community Fiber service  .

Step 2. Tell us you’re interested

Register to let us know you’re interested in a Community Fibre Service. We’ll then email you a reference number, and details of what will happen next.

Around 24 hours later we’ll send you a second email with a link to a website. You can use this to fill in details of the addresses,  numbers of other  people who are interested in setting up the service.

Step 3. We will come in and do a commercial and technical survey

This is when we will come into your area to do a commercial and technical survey , so we can understand what is required from our end to rollout . Once we are done with our survey , we will give you a feedback informing you of our rollout plan and project  schedule .

Step 4. Once successful , we will roll out our service to you

At this point we’ll give you our rollout plan and schedule . Once this is agreed upon , we will proceed into the build out phase which normally depends on the scale of the infrastructure to be deployed

At the completion of the build out , you can now subscribe to our service and enjoy super fast broadband